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Get Started from the Basics

A common mistake from traders is wanting to dive into trading and absorb all of the information available right away. While the general concept of trading isn’t that complicated to understand, the process that it involves is continually getting more complex as time passes.

In that situation, your best bet is to carefully go through each concept until you start building up your knowledge. After you have a foundation, you can begin researching the assets you’re interested in trading.

Every asset has its own story, processes, trends, and liquidity. You may gather a lot of experience trading currencies, for example, but if you decided to start trading cryptocurrencies, the process might change a bit. It’s crucial that you treat every trading session as a new experience from which you can learn many things.

Another concern that comes from new traders is: “Where do I start?” That’s one of the most difficult questions to answer right away because every trader has a different experience, needs, and goals. This means that there’s no general answer to this question; the things that may work for you may not work for someone else.

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to learn the basics by yourself. If you take enough time to read about trading and market tendencies, you’re eventually going to have enough knowledge to create your own trading strategy, according to your plans.

Learning “everything” about trading is virtually impossible since there are new pieces of information coming in every single day. If you wanted to keep up with every possible trend, you would have to dedicate your entire life to trading, which is not too practical for some people.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to learn absolutely everything to become a great trader. In fact, you only need to know the basics to begin your journey. We created FBC Algo so that you could have that opportunity to learn to trade in a much better way, and all you need to start with it is a device, an investment, and the will to learn.

Where Do You Start?

We’re going to answer this as generally as possible so that you can have an idea of what to do, but remember, everyone has a different journey.

If you’ve never heard about trading, it’s important to clear up what it means in this context. Trading is an activity in which people exchange many assets, such as bonds, commodities, securities, currencies, cryptocurrencies, and more. In that essence, a trader is a person who creates trading strategies for a specific asset in order to achieve the results they want for each trading session.

A trader’s goal may vary depending on the person, but generally, the goal is to capitalize on the highest number of trades possible. That can be achieved by buying the underlying asset online when their price is low and then sell it when their price goes higher. However, most assets can be complicated to trade due to their volatility, making it harder to predict these increases or decreases in price.

To assess the risks that come with that process, you need to implement a good trading strategy, and the best way to come up with a good strategy is to learn as much as you can about the asset you’re trading. Most assets can be affected by many factors, such as market trends or historical events.

With proper research, you may be able to do appropriate speculation on the price of an asset in the future, which translates to a good trading strategy. On the contrary, not knowing how the asset behaves regularly can cause you to trade blindly, which often leads to bad results.

Overall, you need to make sure that you have two main goals in mind when you start:

By having these two factors in check, you’re going to have an easier time learning the rest of the information, which in turn helps you become a much better trader.

What Are Good Assets to Trade?

While the decision of which asset to trade is entirely up to you, there are some factors that you can consider before choosing the best one for you, such as volatility, economic data, familiarity, and price action.

Generally, you need to start with an asset that you’re familiarized with. For example, if you live in the US, a great option is to start trading currency pairs with your local coin. Currency pairs are among the most popular assets to trade right now, and they’re fairly easier to understand by people who are starting.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to stick with a single asset. As you learn and get better, you may start to experiment with another asset you’re interested in. However, you always need to make sure to learn as much of it as you can before you start trading it.

Another important thing about choosing the right asset is the liquidity factor. If the asset you chose is considered “liquid,” then it’s good to trade. This means that the asset has a high demand on the current market, meaning that there’s likely to be a seller/buyer at all times while you’re trading.

If you were to choose an asset that doesn’t have a high demand right now, you might spend a lot of time waiting for a good trade to come up since there aren’t many people interested in it.

As of today, many traders are highly interested in currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and commodities. You can start researching each of these assets to find out which one suits your needs the best at the moment.

What Can a Trading App Do for You?

The primary function of any trading app is to help the trader be more fluent with their decisions and their trading overall. In some cases, the trader can receive an overwhelming amount of information, and processing everything in time can cause them to feel anxious, stressed, or frustrated.

Negative emotions can seriously affect your trading performance, which is why it is always recommended that you start your trading sessions with a clear mind. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to maintain a clear mind as some people would think.

The solution to this problem is to be more time-efficient with your trading so that you can have better control over your decisions. While you can do this by yourself, it can take some practice to do it. Thankfully, trading apps have come to solve this issue.

Overall, trading apps work to make things easier and save some time while trading. In the case of FBC Algo, our goal is to give you all the necessary tools to learn the fundamentals of trading so that you can use the acquired information on your next trades.

FBC Algo has many features, but its main job is to take your trading strategies and use them on your behalf to look for good trading opportunities. This means that you’re likely going to save time since you don’t have to spend hours monitoring the market anymore.

However, every trading app needs one fundamental thing to get started: Your knowledge. If you go into the app blindly, you may not get the experience you want. Instead, we suggest that you use this app as a tool to help you look for trades while you do your research on the asset simultaneously.

If you combine the efficiency of FBC Algo’s power with your acquired knowledge, you’re going to learn all you need to know about trading in a shorter amount of time.

Why is FBC Algo Different?

Choosing a trading app can also be difficult, considering that most of them offer the same features and promise the same results. We wanted to be more transparent for FBC Algo; while we cannot promise you any results since that mostly depends on you, we can tell you everything you can do with the app.

Overall, FBC Algo is supposed to be a comfortable choice for people who are just getting started with trading. However, it can also be used by professionals who are looking to get more breathing room in their daily life.

Here’s an overview of some things that you can expect from FBC Algo:

  • Intuitive learning process.
  • Minimalistic trading platform.
  • Simple but powerful features.
  • Device compatibility.
  • No registration, funding, or withdrawal fees.

How Can You Sign Up to FBC Algo?

We optimized our sign-up process so that it wouldn’t take too much of your time. As traders ourselves, we value our time, but mostly, we value yours. Overall, you may not take more than five minutes to get your account up and running, so if you’re interested in trying out FBC Algo for yourself, keep reading!

Step One – Create Your Account

First, find the registration box at the end of this page and fill out the required information. After you do this, we’re going to get back to you with an e-mail with the instructions to verify your new account.

Step Two – The Set-Up Process

This step is divided into two parts, and you must do them carefully to avoid problems. The first part is to fund your account with any investment amount you consider fit for your goals. After that, go through all the settings inside the app so that you find the trading settings that you want for your first session.

Step Three – Get Started

When you’ve funded your account and created your first trading strategy, you can go ahead and click on the “Trade” button to get started on your journey. Keep in mind that you’re allowed to adjust your settings at any point of the session, so don’t worry if your first choice doesn’t work.

The key to trading is to practice and research until you get it right.

FBC Algo - Frequently Asked Questions

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by all the information going at you right now; it’s also normal to have some unclear doubts here and there. We wanted to get one step ahead of that issue, so we created this FAQ section in which you can take a look at some additional questions that we’ve got over the years.
If there’s anything else you need to know about our software, this section is for you.

Can I Choose Which Asset to Trade?

Yes! You have total control over the assets you trade, and you can also change the asset you’re currently trading if you’re planning to mix things up. 

Can I Trade with FBC Algo from My Phone?

As long as your phone has an active internet connection and browser, you can use the app without any issues.

I Don’t Have Experience with Trading. Can I Still Use the FBC Algo?

While knowing some things about trading can be helpful initially, it’s not a requirement to get started with FBC Algo since the app walks you through the entire process.

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